Our handcrafted CBD products are 100% natural for your better well-being!


About Us

Handcrafted CBD products made in Austin, Texas

Best Buds CBD came to be as a result of Amanda Trimble's passion, hard work and intelligence. Her interest in the healing qualities of cannabis started when dealing with some health problems at home. She read stories about how cannabis was being used to treat cancer, pain, anxiety, skin conditions, and so much more!

She learned quickly by word of mouth this stuff was really helping people. The appeal of making a product that truly helps people was all the motivation  needed and Best Buds CBD was born. This has turned into a family business and we are grateful to be able to help so many people. It has truly changed our lives and made us true advocates of the amazing cannabis plant.

Our journey has been exciting so far, stay tuned as we continue to grow and expand.